I hate Rules But... Read Please

♠ I am not trading any material that has been officially released, it's
on my lists for the sake of completeness only. People even asking for
those will be ignored completely... Go and buy that stuff!.
♠ I am interested in Video-DVDs, Audio bootlegs, (Motörhead specially) no VCDs, no VCD-sourced DVDs and no DVDs burned in a standalone recorder.
♠ If we haven't traded before and you contacted me, you have to send first.
♠ Don't use poor media, I use Sony, Verbatim, TDK or other quality brands.
♠ Don't burn any quicker than 8x, I won't do it either.
♠ Check all DVDs before sending them out.
♠ Don't write anything on the DVDs, do not scratch them and be aware that I am NOT collecting fingerprints.
♠ Use air cushion envelopes or small cardboard boxes, nobody likes DVDs in a bad condition.
♠ Keep in touch during the trade, I will do the same.
♠ Don't lie about your stuff or try to screw me over.

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